Of course I look exhausted!

My husband commented today that I look really tired.  No shit Sherlock!  I swear he thinks I do nothing.  He’s said it. The fact of the matter is, I never stop.  Yes, I do some fun things.  Sports, going to the movies or to the park with my kids, talking on the phone.  But all these things are IN ADDITION TO, NOT INSTEAD OF, all my other responsibilties which include, cooking , cleaning, chauffering, helping with homework, cleaning up dog and cat poop-and on and on and on.

To add to the stress, when he gets home from work he has the balls to ask me why all the laundry isn’t done.  IT WILL NEVER BE ALL DONE!  Unless of course I get a maid, which isn’t going to happen either. 

Get over it already pal.

(I do love the man, but he is completely clueless.) 


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